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Videos - Panopto

How to Connect Panopto to a Moodle Course and get access to Panopto?

I. Connect the course to Panopto if you do not have your videos ready.

You can choose from two methods:

a) Create a link to Panopto with the Panopto video activity.
You can find it in your Moodle course as an activity in the "add an activity and resource" menu, called Panopto video
You just need to enter your Activity Name of choice and select Save and return to course. The link should be added to the chosen content area in Moodle and will lead to the courses` folder in Panopto.

b) Add the Panopto block to the course

  •  Turn editing on > on the right side click on "add a block > select Panopto.
  •  The block will be added to the course, you will find it at the bottom right side (it will be the last block).
  •  To connect the course, click on "Provision course".

Important note: You need to be directly assigned to the course to connect it.

So if you are a coordinator assigned on the main folder of your department, you need to assign yourself directly on the course as a coordinator or teacher to avoid problems.

As the course is connected, you can download the Panopto desktop app for Windows or Mac to start recording videos.
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