• STEP 4 - Accept License Agreement

      On the Accept License page you will be presented with the License Agreement - the contract you are signing with CEU. To get your thesis uploaded, you need to accept it at the bottom of the Agreement.  

      You must accept the License Agreement before you can upload your thesis. To accept the license scroll down to the bottom of the license's text field.
      You can also print out the agreement, or revise your restriction choices (this takes you back to the restriction settings and deletes any previously uploaded documents.).

      The "License Agreement" is a legal document required by Hungarian and International Law. (Click on the link to read the full text of the License Agreement.)
      Please read carefully before signing as you would do with any other legal document. 

      By signing this electronic agreement, you give CEU the rights to store and include your work in its Electronic Theses and Dissertations Collection. You also allow CEU to make backup copies if necessary for safety purposes.
      The Agreement reaffirms some of your rights, such as the right to use the thesis in any derived work, publish it wherever and whenever you find it appropriate, and explicitly forbids CEU to use your submitted work any way not consistent with the goals of the ETD Collection.

      In the Agreement, you warrant the originality of your work, that it does not infringe on anyone else's rights, and you waive your rights for any financial compensation. It contains a paragraph on limiting the circulation of your thesis as you set it previously.

      Figure 6 - Confirm License Agreement

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