Summer maintenance on prospectus and annotated bibliography to be submitted by 31 August 2017


1. Prospectus development:

Students are requested to highlight passages in their text that have been added to the original or underwent significant changes. Explanatory balloons can be used to mark work in progress.

Alternatively, if the body of text did not change significantly, the revised prospectus may include a brief Progress Summary, either

  • a paragraph no more than 300 words summarizing the recommendations of the prospectus defense committee and explaining the changes made to the original prospectus since the defense; or
  • the same in bulletpoints

In both cases you are required to resubmit your revised prospectus in its entirety.

2. Annotated bibliography

A bibliography of at least ten items, out of which the primary sources may be ones that were in your original prospectus/research proposal bibliography, but at least five secondary sources need to be new, i.e. not in the original prospectus.

Please check instructions in Section 2.3.2 Annotated Bibliography in The Gray Book or in the sample attached.

Formatting requirements

Please submit the revised prospectus and the bibliography in one Word file, formatted in Chicago/ Turabian Style.

Font: Times New Roman 12, double spaced with 1” margins.

Indicate your name, name(s) of supervisor(s) and working title.

Do not forget page numbering.