This seminar features external and internal speakers undertaking current research on issues relevant to one or more of the themes arising from the topic of the seminar and cross-disciplinary in outlook. Each session will consist of a 45-minute talk followed by a discussion, in which students are expected to participate actively. Each session will be accompanied by a short bibliography provided in advance by the speaker. It contains readings related to the theme treated and scholarship on the theme, which all participants are expected to prepare for beforehand. In addition, there is a general bibliography to which participants are advised to pay attention before the seminar begins and throughout its proceedings. 

Guided by the presentations made and readings assigned, students are expected to emerge from this seminar with a concrete idea of how a specific set of analytical research problems and empirical phenomena pertaining to the themes of religion, reason and nature might be approached from a multiplicity of disciplinary angles. Those angles covered by the seminar pertain to philosophy, social sciences, cognitive science and history.