Course Outline

The aim of this course is to provide students in sociology and social anthropology with a solid foundation for their research by making them comfortable using both qualitative and quantitative methods.The main outcome of the course is the increased ability of the students to connect research questions to methods and research instruments and to data itself and to be able to construct their research object from scratches. 

Course Content and Structure

The course will be structured around the qualitative / quantitative division. The four hours of course every week will be allocated accordingly.

The first two hours will be used to introduce the students to a wide range of qualitative methods and techniques that concern written sources – archives, bibliographical, and internet based research; a very practical approach to fieldwork including issues of access to people and institutions, interviewing, taking field notes, ethics, organizing material while in the field, and writing as part of the research process.

Almost all computer labs will be dedicated to those methods that concern numerical research. Students will become familiar with techniques of statistical sampling and statistical analysis up to intermediate statistics and will learn how to design and use instruments that are specific to quantifiable data. They will also become familiar with a statistical package – SPSS – that will be used for exercises, exemplification, and assignments.