This is the course about how to systematically collect/generate data in the field, manage and analyze them. Students get familiar with principles and practices of doing fieldwork in general and are introduced to particularities of doing fieldwork in the difficult contexts of illiberal regimes, conflicts and global pandemics. The course covers most frequently used methods and sites of data collection in qualitative research (participant observation, interviews, focus groups, archival work, surveys, etc.). It provides the knowledge about methodological foundations and practical application of these methods in the field. Students review best practices and elaborate don’ts in using one or another method of data collection. Finally, students learn how to manage collected data and about specifics of data collection and analysis in qualitative research in contrast to quantitative research as well as how different methods of data collection could be combined in one research design.
Class meetings:
In Zoom on Tuesday, 11.00-11.50 and on Thursday 13:30-14:20
Office hours:
By appointment via email to:
Teaching assistant:
Maryna Lakhno