This course with Prof. Melnykovska introduces students to process tracing, which is widely considered to be the predominant method of within-case research. Process tracing enables to open the black-box between a trigger/cause (X) and an outcome/effect (Y). Students learn about the ontological and epistemological foundations of process tracing and its approach to causality in comparison to other quantitative and qualitative methods. They also develop skills in its practical applicability, as they analyze the previous studies that use process tracing and develop their own research projects.

The core questions of the course:

- What is process tracing?

- How similar/different is it in comparison with other approaches to causalities and quantitative and qualitative methods?

- How is it done in practice and for what purposes?

- How can it be combined with quantitative and qualitative methods?

This is an online course that combines asynchronous elements (video-lectures, written assignments, Moodle discussions, etc.) and synchronous online meetings.

Office hours

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Teaching assistant
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