This course will examine the development of sustainable and innovative business models in the European Union and more broadly across the world. There will be a greater emphasis on the smart city concept in Europe and the circular economy. The critical need for environmentally sensitive business models, products, and services require a rethink on how businesses work together in the circular economy. Foundational material of the course is on innovation strategies and technology innovation process within a circular economy. The course will also address the use of sustainable and innovative business models and their evolution. The EU’s and national level innovation policies is a central starting point. The course involves case studies and a range of reading material from journal articles to newspaper articles. The course also incorporates guest speakers and a field trip. The aims are:
• Learn stages of the innovation process from R&D to full commercialization of new technologies
• Gain a greater understanding of how firms participate in a circular economy
• Theories to explain the innovation process in energy technologies
• Cross-disciplinary approach to education and how multiple perspectives join in the policy and business realm

Please see the file for class times