This is the course page for the social theory component of the Theoretical Debates on Environmental Problems course, comprising 8 of the 12 classes and 2/3 of the final course assessment. 

This 3 credit course will explore theoretical perspectives of relevance to doctoral level study in environment. One part of the course, consisting of 8 classes, will focus on relevant perspectives and debates in social theory and the social sciences (details of this component are on a separate webpage). The other part of the course, consisting of 4 classes (and detailed here), will focus on relevant perspectives and debates in the natural sciences.

This course examines some of the key challenges involved in PhD writing, first exploring some general issues around content and process, then considering specific writing tasks in the department's doctoral programme, finally giving students practice in some of those tasks through a series of workshops.

This class will introduce PhD students to the diversity of disciplinary approaches used by departmental faculty and PhD students in designing their research, and serve as a space for faculty and students to mutually share research experiences and give and receive feedback.

This 2 credit course offers a review of some of the major theoretical and empirical issues associated with survey research methodology (including questionnaire design and scientific sampling), and prepares students in the fundamental skill areas necessary to design and conduct survey research projects.